Small. Light. Robust.

The compact and lightweight SKIPPY® therapy chair sets new standards in terms of handling, functionality and robustness. Being a modular seating system, SKIPPY® consists of a seating unit and a firmly connected indoor undercarriage. At the same time the seat shell can be adjusted while the patient is sitting in it.

Key facts

  • Adjustable seat shell while patient is sitting in it
  • Adjustable tilt-in-space mechanism
  • Seat height adjustable from play to desk height
  • 75 mm light-weight rollers with locking device
  • Available in size 1 and 2
  • Angle-adjustable push bar
  • Removable foot rest system
  • Removable abduction pommel

Product details

The innovative SKIPPY® therapy chair is designed for indoor use. It is ideally suited for small patients weighing up to 25 kg who find it difficult to adopt or maintain a sitting position as their trunk has been afflicted by functional and/or structural damage. This includes neurological and neuromuscular disorders and deformities of the spine. SKIPPY® is distinguished by its modern design, its dynamically movable back rest and the easy adjustment options during use.

New design, high-quality materials
SKIPPY® consists of a seat and back unit as well as an undercarriage with light-weight rollers, which offers optimal freedom of movement indoors. The seat and back unit are made of light-weight aluminum and equipped with anatomical standard upholstery. This ensures permanent sitting in a physiological posture free from complaints. The removable and washable covers are available in different colors and feature the SKIPPY® logo in the color of the undercarriage.

Dynamic, adjustable back rest 
Due to its dynamic back rest, the SKIPPY® therapy chair is particularly suitable for patients with involuntary extension movements. The back rest is connected to the seat shell via physiological pivot points. In case of sudden extension movements it yields and absorbs the patient‘s energy. The patient is returned back to an upright position after extension. If required, the back rest can be locked. The angle of the back rest can be inclined up to 30° for a relaxed lying position. Taking up such a relaxed position saves energy and maintains attention for head and trunk control.

Simple, individual fitting
The seat and back unit of the SKIPPY® therapy chair can be adjusted perfectly to the needs of the patient. Back extension, seat depth and seat width are infinitely adjustable, as is the integrated abduction. The lateral side supports can be adjusted variably both for height as well as width. Seat angle and height are easily adjusted via a gas pressure spring. The individual adjustment options ensure stabilization of the trunk and contribute to corrected and stress-relieved sitting. In addition, they allow for a long service life of the therapy chair, even when the needs of the patient change. Exceptionally comfortable: all settings can be made while the patient sits in the therapy chair.

Flexible and reusable 
Owing to a wide range of accessories, the standardized SKIPPY® therapy chair can be equipped to suit the patient. These include restraints, head rests, arm rests, foot rests and therapy tables in various designs as well as exchangeable covers and water-repellent coating. This flexibility and the high level of standardization also allow reusing the SKIPPY® for different patients.

The SKIPPY® therapy chair is suitable for patients who, due to functional or structural damage to the trunk or to the trunk and neck muscles, are only able to sit in an impaired position and with incorrect posture. SKIPPY® can also be used very well during developmental phases, especially in infancy, when a more frequent adjustment of the seating aid is necessary due to accelerated growth surges, to achieve the most physiological seating position and a stable seat. SKIPPY® is also a suitable alternative if the patient cannot sit on normal seating for a prolonged period of time, although no seat shell is required. 

Therapy chairs are used, for example, in

  • Neurological disorders
  • Neuromuscular disorders
  • Deformities of the spine

The system consists of an aluminum undercarriage and several aluminum shell segments. It is available in two different sizes. 

The standard equipment includes:

  • integrated abduction and windswept deformity, ­adjustable
  • dynamic back rest, continuously variable and lockable
  • continuously variable back extension
  • continuously variable seat depth extension
  • continuously variable seat width adjustment
  • continuously variable lateral side supports
  • upper leg guidance
  • pelvic guidance
  • adjustment of seat height and seat angle using gas-pressure springs
  • 75mm light-weight rollers with locks
  • removable/washable cover in various colors and SKIPPY® logo in undercarriage color
  • complete or two-piece foot rest system

SKIPPY® options

  • head rest system
  • arm rests
  • leg rests/foot rests
  • restraints
  • Twin steering rollers
  • Adjustable push bar
  • Therapy tray table

Please note: SKIPPY® is not suitable for transporting patients in an automobile.

 Size 1Size 2
Total weight20 kg25 kg
Maximum load20 kg25 kg
Max. overall exterior width seat shell (without arm rests)28 – 35 cm35 – 42 cm
Abduction angle-10° - +20°-10° - +20°
Back angle adjustment-10° - +30°-10° - +30°
Seat width20 – 27 cm27 – 34 cm
Seat depth20 – 27 cm27 – 34 cm
Back height30 – 37 cm37 – 44 cm
Height of lateral side supports, as measured from seat cushion23 – 28 cm30 – 35 cm
Width between lateral side supports12 – 19 cm19 – 26 cm
Tilt-in-space mechanismUp to 30°Up to 30°
Total width52 cm52 cm
Overall lengthMax. 80 cmMax. 80 cm
Seat height (without foot rest)30 – 70 cm30 – 70 cm
Overall height (without head rest)60 – 100 cm60 – 100 cm

The care of severely disabled people is a complex and responsible task. Your interco consultant will be happy to support you in designing an individual seating solution for your customers.

For all our seating systems, we guarantee spare parts availability and readjustment over many years.

If you have any further questions about our seating solutions, please contact us directly.

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